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                              Have you met my friend, Philip?

If not, let's change that.

Philip H. Mancuso is a dear friend who is currently in Denver and has a natural talent for making beautiful music that moves the soul. He’s entered into Guitar Center’s Singer/Songwriter contest for the second time and I’ve got a feeling he could make it further than he did last year and win this thing. His songs are a looking glass into the journey he’s taken to get where he is today. All of his songs are beautiful and I’m sure if enough people heard his music, I’m definitely sure they would agree with me too.  

       Let’s help him achieve his dream and help him win this contest.

Here are a few steps as to how you can help him:

                         Step 1: Go to this website [ H E R E ] 
                                     (It should look like this)

                                     Great! So you’ve made it! 

                                    Step 2: Listen to his music. 
I’m pretty sure that’s self explanatory, but if you still need help click the play button. The featured song is “Funny” and it’s one of his newer songs. I’m sure you’ll like love it. If you decide that you really like his music click on the channel button to view more of his songs.

You’re going to have to scroll toward the bottom to find the button. 
(I feel like last year’s page set up was easier for people to see everything, but I’m not the one who designed the web page, am I?)

                                Step 3: SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!
The more of a social media presence that Philip has, the more points he accumulates, and the closer he gets to having Don Was and Colbie Caillat to listen to his music and realize what they’ve been missing out on. 

Share Philip’s music anywhere and to anyone and let’s get him to his dream! 

Here are some helpful links if you want to help Philip achieve his dream:

           Philip’s Contest Page  ||  His Facebook  || His YouTube
                                    phmancus <- his tumblr